White Rabbit Gaming finalize changes to Dota 2 roster

Chris 'Sargon' House

White Rabbit Gaming recently announced that Ryan “ChiDoWi” Lancaster and Charl “Welp” Geldenhuys would be joining Leetpro Esports. This announcement meant three of the players from the 2017 VS Gaming Masters Dota 2 winning roster were no longer with the organization. In the weeks since the announcement the scene has speculated on who would be replacing those players, and today we finally got the answer. White Rabbit Gaming released the changes via an announcement on social media and their website that you can read in full here.

New & improved White Rabbit Gaming Dota 2 roster

The three new players that have been picked up are: Tameer “TKC” Chicktay, Nicholas “strike” Cheng, and Darron “Chelsea” Reinhardt. Both TKC and Chelsea were kicked from the Leetpro team to make way for ChiDoWi and Welp, so they’ve now made their way to WRG to plug the gap there. These are both immensely talented players who should slot into the team well. The addition of strike is also an interesting pickup. These players line up alongside Wesley “oDu” Rose and Nicholas “Schlinks” Dammert.


In their announcement Alwyn Venter, the managing director of WRG, had this to say about oDu taking up the captaincy in the team going forward:

“Wesley has a lot of competitive experience locally and internationally and his in-game knowledge is excellent. He is respected not only as a player but also as an individual in the community. He also has a very calm and collected attitude and is someone that can anchor the team very well in its early beginning which will be key to build on and move forward. We will also be working closely with Wesley to ensure the team remain one of the Dota 2 power houses in South Africa.”


In the same announcement oDu had this to say about the changes:

“I have carefully selected these players because I believe in them and in their potential. We have a nice mix of old and new and in general, there is a good vibe around the team. Now we just need to get accustomed to our new roles and team mates and I believe that in time, you will see us shine.”

The VS Gaming Masters Dota 2 Leg 3 started this week, so you should see this new roster in action very soon.