Dota 2 BlueZ Cup results

Clint 'Zombie Dredd' O'Shea

This past weekend saw the conclusion of the BlueZ Cup for Dota 2. On the line was $255 (around R3,150) for the best amateur local teams.

Match Results

Quarter Finals


  • F5 2-0 IR Fear
  • FPPE 2-0 Finest Hour
  • Tango for Mid 2-0 For the Boish
  • Nibble.RAMC bye

Finest Hour went through to Sunday’s semi final as the FPPE players were not available due to work commitments.


Semi Finals


  • F5 2-0 Finest Hour
  • Tango for Mid 2-0 Nibble.RAMC



  • F5 3-2 Tango for Mid

F5 secured themselves $170, while Tango for Mid won $85.


The action was live streamed via Nibble TV and the various videos-on-demand from the Dota 2 tournament can be found here.



We would suggest keeping your eye on the BlueZ Cup website for any future tournament announcements.