Aghanim's Labyrinth


Dota 2 Aghanim’s Labyrinth released and it is free for everyone

Wessel Minnie

Jul 15, 2020 11:45 am

Valve has released the seasonal event for Dota 2, called Aghanim’s Labyrinth. Unlike other seasonal events tied to the Battle Pass, all Dota 2 players can enjoy this event, which is a nice change of pace.

Aghanim’s Labyrinth

If you haven’t played the new event yet, then you should know it is a roguelike adventure, where you matchmake with three other players in an attempt to get as deep into Aghanim’s Labyrinth as possible.


Yes, you will finally get to meet Aghanim himself, the owner of the iconic Dota 2 item, Aghanim’s Septer. Those who do own the Battle Pass will be able to grind up some levels as well. You can earn up to 2,000 Battle Points per week from playing the game mode.


There are powerful bosses, strong enemies, and some nice tidbits of lore to uncover in the Aghanim’s Labyrinth rooms. Players will also have to make a choice of where to go next and could run into a powerful foe, resulting in their swift demise.


As with other roguelike titles, if you are unfamiliar with the genre, you can get stronger with each run, finding Aghanim’s shards to boost hero abilities. If you complete a run and you want an even bigger challenge, there are Ascension levels, which grants unique voice chat lines upon success.


Lastly, there are Aghanim’s Trials. These will run every week, starting on 21 July 2020. Aghanim’s Trials will feature a randomly generated labyrinth, with a global leaderboard attached to it. There are some great rewards for doing well in the Aghanim’s Trials.

Aghanim’s Trials rewards:
  • Aghanim’s Interdimensional Baby Roshan – Tier One
  • Waterlogged Kunkka Shoes – Tier Two
  • Random Arcana – Tier Three
  • In-Game Aghanim’s Effect – Tier Four

This is arguably the best season event yet from Valve, and from our initial experience, it is fantastic to play, with no noticeable bugs found just yet.


Header image via Valve.