The International 2024 NA and China qualifier results

Dota 2 The International 2024

The International 2024 NA and China qualifier results

Recently, some of the best Dota 2 esports teams in North America and China regions competed for just a few spots at The International 2024. As the dust settles, one team from North America and two from China will join the Direct Invite teams in Copenhagen in September. Here’s what went down.

TI 2024 North America results

Eight teams competed for only one spot at The International 2024’s main event. Nouns kicked off their run with a close 2-1 against 4 Amigos and then reverse-sweeped Apex Genesis. However, Nouns got knocked down to the lower bracket by Shopify Rebellion with a 2-1.

In the lower bracket, Nouns took care of Apex Genesis again, this time with a clean 2-0 to make it to the final and face Shopify Rebellion once again. Taking their revenge, Nouns made quick work of Shopify Rebellion with a 3-0 win, claiming a spot at The International 2024.

TI 2024 China results

12 teams competed in the China qualifier for The International 2024, in a double elimination bracket, for two spots at the main event. Team Zero, the second Dota 2 squad formed by Xtreme Gaming, got off to a great start. They beat Spiky Gaming, G2 x iG, and Azure Ray 2-1 to qualify for The International 2024.

After getting knocked down to the lower bracket by Team Zero, G2 x iG recovered and made a fantastic lower bracket run, beating KEV 2-0, reverse sweeping TEAM TURTLE, and reverse sweeping one of my favorites, Azure Ray, to claim the final spot for Chinese teams at The International 2024!

Congratulations to Nouns from the North American region, and G2 x iG as well as Team Zero. We’ll see you in Copenhagen!

Header image via Valve.

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