VS Gaming CS:GO Leg 3 wrap-up

Andrew 'PenguinZA' Hodgkinson

This past weekend saw the close of the VS Gaming Masters CS:GO Leg 3. With the transfer window open, we saw LeetPro pick up the likes of Takbok into their team. Energy Esports picked up a new academy team, the old Skeletons Again side. With that being said, let us delve into the final standings.

Things are not as they seem

This leg we got to see how dominant the side of Big5 Esports can be. They have really shown that if you give them the metaphorical hand, they will take the arm. Going undefeated in this leg, dropping only two maps in this entire leg (one to Sinister5 and one to xTc Esports).



LeetPro seemed a lot more fired up this leg than in the past. The addition of Takbok has really bolstered the team in the firing department.

Gone but not forgotten

Relegated – Energy Esports CS:GO Academy – Finished 7th

The team came into the leg as a side which could really shake up things after a dominant performance in ESEA Season 27. Despite a below average performance in the leg, they still have the potential to return to the division after tightening a few things in their play. They have the potential to compete for a much better finish in the table going further.


Relegated – Online Kingdom – Finished 8th

Online Kingdom had a somewhat lackluster performance, with the side not being able to take a single map. Could this be tied to potential team morale after losing Adaro to Goliath Gaming? Leg 4 will give us the answers to see if they are a team worthy of returning to the Masters division.

Up and coming

Promoted – Severe CS:GO – Finished 2nd

A side which was in Masters Division in Leg 1 but demoted has found themselves back in the mix after a good leg. The side features a lot of new players from the roster back in the first leg. In the same breath though, they have a lot of work to do if they want to compete and have better results than they did in the first appearance


Promoted – Aperture Gaming – Finished first

A side with lots of experience and fire power: ApG have found their way into the Masters division after a dominant performance in the Premier Division. With their singular dropped map against ZAG, they look like an incredibly powerful side with potential to cause upsets leading into Leg 4.

The blended summary

With the rise in form from Big5, I will find it hard for any team to beat them without taking advantage of the micro errors from the side. With Lightertz and Konvict hitting anything with two legs at the moment, teams will struggle. Goliath Gaming have the potential to topple the stampeding herd, though. The key for this will be Adaro finding his strides more and more within GG. Should he return to the form we saw him have during his tenure at Online Kingdom, we could see all teams struggle against them.


Sinister5 came into Leg 3 with huge potential, and they have showed such. A team which can put many on the back foot early, and with some solid games against Energy and xTc, they have potential. If they are to be a top three contender with a team like Leetpro still in the group will be tough. Leetpro are starting to gel, and a team which can easily finish top three.


xTc and WRG will have to pick up their socks after what can be described as a mediocre leg by both teams. xTc have been known to perform phenomenally whilst their lack of consistency has always been their downfall. They will have to work hard in order for them to achieve a top four spot once more.


The product after the blender, I predict the Leg 4 table to look as below:


  1. Big 5
  2. LeetPro
  3. Goliath Gaming
  4. xTc Esports
  5. Sinister5
  6. Aperture Gaming
  7. WRG
  8. Severe


Think I am off? Feel like we may see Big 5 drop from their spot at number one team? Let us know in the comments below.