Latest CS:GO update squashes ping bugs and makes map changes

Latest CS:GO update

Latest CS:GO update squashes ping bugs and makes map changes

Since the ping feature was introduced into CS:GO, a couple of new bugs have reared their ugly heads. While not very widespread, using a ping could possibly reveal a hidden enemy. Further, there was also a bug which caused incorrect footsteps to be heard.

Latest CS:GO update details

Valve has released a new CS:GO update this week. With the latest CS:GO update, the developer has managed to fix two ping bugs. The full patch notes were posted by Valve on the official CS:GO blog.

With the update, pings will no longer highlight players. This fix eliminates any instances of players being able to reveal a hidden enemy. Further, the incorrect footstep sounds bug has been fixed.

Alongside these much-needed bug fixes, Valve also deployed fixes and changes to four maps in total. Check out these fixes below.

  • Reskinned the signs and information boards.
  • Fixed the wallbang through the trim on the mid building between double door and the CT house.
  • Added some grenade clips to prevent weird grenade bouncing on A heaven.
  • Fixed several visual issues.
  • Removed boost spots.
  • Updated Bot NAV.
  • Multiple exploits, clipping faults and boosts etc. fix based on the feedback of Oliv1er and timure of the MapInk Discord.
  • Fixed spawn boost exploit.
  • Blocked guns going out of CT spawn so much with a big sign.
  • Removed window glass from buildings to improve gameplay.
  • Fixed exploit in Town.
  • Fixed certain visual errors.
  • Adjusted border clipping.
  • Fixed stuck spots.
  • Fixed floating exploding barrel/turret spawns.
  • Adjusted prop fade distance in the bunker.
  • Added drone clips to buildings at Tourist and Radio.

Lastly, the latest CS:GO update also fixed a visual shuffle in map vote which appears at the end of a match, and stopped the short-handed bonus from being given in Guardian mode.

Header image via Valve.

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