CS:GO team with an average age of 75 entered record book

CS:GO team

CS:GO team with an average age of 75 entered record book

It’s always great to see people of all ages competing in esports. It is definitely not just a young man’s game, especially if you look at a CS:GO team from Ukraine called “Young Guard”. The CS:GO team has an average player age of 75 years and two months. They were recently entered into the national Ukraine records book (National Register of Records of Ukraine) following a match against school children, a first for the country.

Young Guard enters the record books

As reported by Odessa News, the Young Guard team comprises players that are all above the age of 66. The youngest player in the CS:GO team is 66 years and 8 months old. The oldest player is 78 years and 8 months old. Their age did not stop them to compete in a LAN tournament (organized by Cybersport Federation) that took place at venue “Skill” located in Odessa, Ukraine.

The Young Guard team competed against young opposition, including school children. They didn’t let their age stop them from clicking heads, and while they didn’t win, Young Guard did enter the National Register of Records of Ukraine.

Lana Vetrova, the head of the National Register of Records of Ukraine, explained: “This category has recently been actively organized, replenished with new participants, and every time we are surprised at the achievements that people are showing not at 50, not at 60, but for 70 years and more. It is always very valuable for us when people of this age are active. There has never been such a record in Ukraine. This team demonstrates not only their age indicators but also shows their cheerfulness, optimism, which is an integral part of their success, their record.”

Young Guard is the oldest competitive esports team in Ukraine. They are also an inspiration and shows that no matter your age, you can still enjoy esports, even competitively.

Header image via Odessa News.

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