Goliath Gaming parts ways with CS2 roster

Goliath CS2

Goliath Gaming parts ways with CS2 roster

In the South African Counter-Strike scene, Goliath Gaming has been a staple for more than a decade, competing against the best in the country and, oftentimes, winning big events. Now, Goliath Gaming has parted ways with its Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) roster. Here’s what we know.

Goliath says goodbye to CS, for now

On Twitter, Goliath Gaming revealed the big news, stating:

“We’d like to announce we’ll be parting ways with our CS2 Squad. It’s been an incredible journey with a team that has passionately and professionally represented Goliath both on and off the server. These gentlemen are a group of outstanding individuals, and we wish them the very best in their future endeavors! In saying that, GG will be taking a hiatus from the CS2 title…. for now.”

So what’s going to happen to the players? Well, don’t worry, local CS2 esports fans! The players have already found a new home in Kitsune Esports. They competed under the Kitsune Esports banner at the Copenhagen Major Middle Eastern Closed Qualifier.

The Kitsune Esports roster is:
  • Shannon “aw3some” Corran
  • Tristan “tristanxa” Fuller
  • Aidan “exe” Vorster
  • Robert “uDEADSHOT” Butler
  • Adam “slash” Schultz

Unfortunately, Kitsune Esports didn’t make it through the Copenhagen Major Middle Eastern Closed Qualifier this past weekend. Even so, the team has a bright future in South African CS2 esports.

Header image via Goliath Gaming.

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