Bravado announces Project Destiny 2.0

Bravado Project Destiny 2

Bravado announces Project Destiny 2.0

Everyone who’s followed the local Counter-Strike esports scene probably knows the name Project Destiny, where Bravado Gaming sent a roster to live and compete in North America in 2018 and 2019. Now, Project Destiny 2.0 has been announced, and despite the poorly-timed announcement date of 1 April 2024, it’s real.

Project Destiny 2.0 CS2 details

In May 2024, Bravado’s CS2 team will fly to Serbia, Belgrade, where they will train and compete until “mid-2026.” Europe is, of course, the strongest region in Counter-Strike, so the players should earn a lot of experience and maybe, just maybe, hit all their awesome goals.

The current Bravado Gaming CS2 roster only has four players, as we are still waiting to learn about their fifth (AWPer), since the org only had Valentin “?poizon?” Vasilev in their lineup for a bit while trying to qualify for the PGL Major Copenhagen.

Bravado CS2 roster:
  • Johnathan “?Doru?” Fox (IGL)
  • Kian “?Triton?” Gibson
  • Marchahn “?march?” Smith
  • Wiljahne “?wilj?” Smith
  • Daniel “?LaBishop?” Thomas Hufton (Coach)

Bravado Gaming’s co-founder, Andreas “cent” Hadjipaschali, said that:

“I really believe that they’re going to turn heads. We had spent a lot of money during Project Destiny. We knew that we wanted to spend this money on these players that we knew had what it took. Fast forwarding to today, if I didn’t feel the same now as I did back then, we would never have chosen to make this investment into Project Destiny 2.0 together with our sponsors of Alienware, Dell Technologies, and Intel.”

Bravado’s objectives are:
  • Reaching and maintaining a top 30 HLTV rating.
  • Qualifying for a major.
  • Consistent content development and distribution.
  • We have a story to tell. Zero to hero, unfolding as the story is being written.
  • Unique endemic and non-endemic partnerships and collaborations.
  • Featuring in mass media around the project and objectives.

You can learn all the details about Project Destiny 2.0 in a dedicated post on the Bravado Gaming website.

Header image via Bravado Gaming.

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