ATK Arena’s Apex Legends team makes it to the ALGS Autumn Circuit Playoffs

ALGS Autumn

ATK Arena’s Apex Legends team makes it to the ALGS Autumn Circuit Playoffs

We’ve been following ATK Arena’s Apex Legends team, who are arguably the best in South Africa right now, as they fight for glory in the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Autumn Circuit. In the Autumn Circuit #2  Middle East and Africa tournament, we saw the team take the fight to international competition, and place first, a massive achievement to say the least.

ATK Arena’s Apex Legends team wins

ATK Arena’s Apex Legends team pulled off an incredible performance at the Autumn Circuit #3. Through six rounds of play, the team showed just how good they are, despite their ping disadvantage against the international teams competing. They placed first in both Round 1 and Round 6, with third-place finishes in Round 3 and Round 5.

This amazing performance saw ATK Arena’s Apex Legends team place first in the ALGS Autumn Circuit #3, one point above international squad Flying Camels. Another South African team, DNMK, placed fourth in the tournament. The ATK Arena Apex Legends team, for their massive effort, won $3,000 (roughly R49,000) as well as 1,500 ALGS points.

The players are:

On Twitter, ATK Arena congratulated their team, stating:

“Our Apex Legends team just made it through to the ALGS Autumn Circuit playoffs!! This is an incredible win for the team continuing to compete at 200ms and still turning out the best in the Middle East & Africa.”

With their win, ATK Arena’s Apex Legends team have now secured their spot in the ALGS Autumn Circuit Playoffs for Middle East and Africa. The tournament has a massive prize pool of $119,000 to fight for, which is over R1.9 million at the current Dollar to Rand exchange rate.

We wish them all the best of luck in the playoffs. We will be watching these South African players compete, and bring local fans the coverage! The playoffs take place on 19 and 20 December 2020.

Header image via Electronic Arts.

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