VS Gaming eWorld Cup champions revealed

Clint 'Zombie Dredd' O'Shea

This year’s VS Gaming FIFA tournament was another Cinderella story similar to 2017, as two slightly lesser known players grabbed the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One winner’s spot.


With the tournament hosting 1,024 players over the two days and over R1,5 million in cash up for grabs, the competition was always going to be tough. In the end it was Shiaan Rugbeer on Xbox One and Thabo Moloi on PlayStation 4 that grabbed the money and spots in the Global Series Playoffs later this year.


Shiaan Rugbeer beat Irshaad Mahomed 2-1 in the Xbox One final and was proclaimed by the MCs as the “first ever Xbox winner”. Obviously, they forgot that last year’s VS Gaming Festival was hosted only on Xbox. Either way, it was a phenomenal feat by the winner as it made him the best out of 512 players on the platform.


In the PlayStation 4 final, 16 year old Thabo Moloi secured his victory over the 2017 VS Gaming eFootball Festival winner Zuhair Ebrahim 4-2, after racing to a 4-0 lead before half-time. I’m pretty sure we can expect to see the youngster snapped up by one of the multi-gaming organisations (MGOs) soon. There is likely to be a great story to be told when he starts his journey against some of the world’s best at the Global Series Playoffs.


The top four players on each platform were:

Xbox One
  • 1st place: Shiaan Rugbeer [R400,000]
  • 2nd place: Irshaad Mahomed [R150,000]
  • 3rd place: Abu Akhalwaya [R75,000]
  • 4th place: Khalid Fakie [R30,000]
Playstation 4
  • 1st place: Thabo Mike Moloi [R400,000]
  • 2nd place: Zuhair Ebrahim [R150,000]
  • 3rd place: Ziyadh Caasim [R75,000]
  • 4th place: Mohammed Fiaz Mahomed [R30,000]

You can catch the videos of the last few matches per day below:



While the tournament was a success in terms of achieving what it set out to do, I couldn’t help but notice a few complaints on social media about wait times of up to 12 hours for matches. It was also notable that updates on the tournament itself were few and far between, making it difficult to monitor the status of things if you were not at the venue. Hopefully – given the stature of the FIFA eWorld Cup licence – the 2019 edition sorts these sort of things out.


Meanwhile, we would like to send our congratulations to the players who secured prize slots and wish the two champs all the best for their upcoming battle against the rest of the world.


[Source: Press Release | Social Media]