Valve releases significant new Dota 2 gameplay update

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Valve releases significant new Dota 2 gameplay update

When you see the notes for the new Dota 2 gameplay update (7.26b) you might wonder what Valve was thinking. The latest Dota 2 update makes some big gameplay changes, including that creep denies will no longer grant gold.

Another massive change in the new update is that all hero talents have been nerfed by roughly 20%. There’s also a few item changes, as well as XP changes, one of which makes denies less effective.

Dota 2 gameplay update 7.26b

Response to the new Dota 2 update from Valve has been quite negative from fans. Toby “Tobiwan” Dawson, a famous Dota 2 esports caster who all fans should know, thinks the update is pretty crazy.

On Twitter, Tobiwan states:

“Umm…….there have been some pretty game-changing patches that have come out but this one is pretty crazy…I am just gobsmacked by the first line ‘Denies no longer grant gold'”

Check out the full update notes below.

General gameplay changes:
  • Denies no longer grant gold
  • Deny XP given to enemies increased from 40% to 50%
  • Melee Creeps base bounty increased by +5
  • Neutral Creeps base bounty values increased back 10%
  • All talents are now about 20% weaker
  • Towers now grant +1 HP Regen Aura for Tier 1 Towers, and +3 for Tier2/3/4 Towers
  • XP required to reach level 9/10/11/12/13 increased from 780/810/840/870/900 to 890/930/970/1010/1050
  • Reliable gold is now given only for passive income
  • AoE Gold increased from 45 + 0.027*NW to 45 + 0.033*NW
  • Neutral item drop times for T1-4 changed from 7/15/25/40 to 7/17/27/37
  • Tier 2+ towers health increased by 500 and damage by 25
Item changes:
  • Healing Salve – Duration increased from 8 to 10 seconds (same overall heal)
  • Gloves of Haste – Cost increased from 400 to 450
  • Blades of Attack – Cost increased from 430 to 450
  • Ring of Basilius – Recipe cost increased from 175 to 200
  • Hood of Defiance – Now has a 200 gold recipe

While the new Dota 2 gameplay update notes isn’t a massive wall of text as we are used to, the changes within are very significant.

Header image via Valve

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