Dota 2 Results

BlueZ Cup 2018: Round 1 Results

Chris 'Sargon' House

The BlueZ Cup is an amateur level online tournament currently in the group stages. There are four rounds of group stage fixtures, before qualified teams advance to the playoffs. Since participating teams are all lower level division teams, the tournament is very accessible to people and teams just starting to get involved in competitive Dota 2.Β Despite being a relatively minor tournament, the fixtures are getting a fair amount of attention online and are regularly casted/streamed.

Last week Round 1 concluded, and the results were:

  • Finest Hour 2-0 KingsReborn
  • F5 2-0 For the Boish
  • Nibble.RAMC 2-0 RGBVapelyf
  • Tango for mid 2-0 {I.R} Fear
  • Evolution 2-1 Carpe Noctem
  • FPPE 2-1 Underdogs

Image courtesy of BlueZ Cup