The International 2024 SEA & WEU qualifier results

The International 2024

The International 2024 SEA & WEU qualifier results

Over the past weekend, we saw some of the best Dota 2 esports teams from the Southeast Asia (SEA) and Western Europe (WEU) regions compete for the final spots at The International 2024, joining teams qualifying from the other four regions, as well as the Direct Invite teams in Copenhagen in September. Here’s what went down!

TI 2024 Southeast Asia results

Twelve teams competed for only two spots at The International 2024, with the likes of TNC Predator, Bleed Esports, Talon, and more competing. In the double-elimination bracket, it was Talon Esports who qualified first after making a fantastic upper-bracket run, beating Salvation Gaming 2-0, reverse-sweeping Execration, and then 2-0’ing Aurora.

Aurora beat MANTA Esports with a clean 2-0, then reverse-swept Bleed Esports before getting knocked down by Talon Esports. Aurora recovered, however, and beat TNC Predator 2-0 to claim the final spot at The International 2024 for teams from the SEA region.

TI 2024 Western Europe results

We saw 12 teams compete for the last two spots at The International 2024 during the Western Europe closed qualifier, with the likes of OG, Team Secret, and Nigma Galaxy in attendance.

However, it was Entity who went on a magnificent upper bracket run, reverse sweeping both PSG Quest and OG with 2-1 wins, then beating Tundra Esports 2-1 to claim a spot at The International 2024. Tundra Esports then recovered in the lower bracket, beating PSG Quest 2-1 to claim their spot at The International 2024.

Congratulations go out to Talon, Aurora, Tundra Esports, and Entity for earning spots at the prestigious annual event!

Header image via Valve.

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