The Esports Central Podcast: Episode 066

The Esports Central Podcast: Episode 066

The Esports Central Podcast, episode 066 (31 October, 2019), released weekly every Thursday. Join us as we wrap up the week’s local and international esports news! The podcast also occasionally delves into some of the hot topics in the esports scene, providing South African perspectives and opinions. Hosted by Kaameel Chicktay  and his panel of esports aficionados:

Here’s a brief breakdown of what the crew covers in this week’s episode:

  • 06:00 ESL and Dotabuff announce new partnership,
  • 11:30 LoL Worlds Championship semi-final,
  • 24:00 Overwatch 2,
  • 39:40 Star Series 8 CS:GO and ATK’s run in ECS,
  • 47:45 ZA Rhinos charging towards Overwatch World Cup,
  • 51:50 Community questions,
  • and much much more!
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  • Sillicur

    Sillicur (7th January 2021)

    Sadly still no word but hopefully something will happen in 2021!#
  • Jean Roelofse

    Jean Roelofse (6th January 2021)

    I really hope we get the servers quick because not all of us can stand the unfair lagging its quite...#
  • Daniel Snider

    Daniel Snider (6th November 2020)

    what are the average ranks#
  • Rohan Samal

    Rohan Samal (16th October 2020)

    SirActionSlacks savior of Dota 2#
  • Sillicur

    Sillicur (22nd September 2020)

    It is our pleasure!#