Batrider, Rikki, Outworld Destroyer and more nerfed in latest Dota 2 update

Dota 2 update

Batrider, Rikki, Outworld Destroyer and more nerfed in latest Dota 2 update

Ever since the Mistwood update, Valve has been struggling a bit to get the Dota 2 hero balance right. In the latest Dota 2 update, 7.28c, Valve has again nerfed Batrider’s creep farming ability and made balance changes to several more heroes.

Dota 2 gameplay update 7.28c

While the DPC is still raging on, Valve has stepped in to nerf quite a few heroes. Rikki got some relatively big nerfs to Tricks of the Trade, while Outworld Destroyer arguably got smacked the hardest with Valve’s mighty nerf bat.

After making a solid return to the metagame, Lycan has seen a nerf to his Wolves, which should make the lives of hard support players a bit easier, and a nerf to the hero’s farming rate. Even Wraith King has received some nerfs, specifically to his Skeletons and Wraithfire Blast.

All in all, the latest Dota 2 gameplay update (7.28c) only holds nerfs for a total of 14 heroes, which needed some adjustment even while the DPC is going on. Check out the full list of nerfs via a post from Valve below.

  • Sticky Napalm now deals 50 percent less damage against all creeps
  • Base attack speed reduced from 110 to 100
  • Call of the Wild Boar movement speed reduced from 350 to 320/330/340/350
  • Fissure shard aftershock replication now stuns for half duration
Keeper of the Light
  • Recall delay increased from 3 to 5/4/3
  • Summon Wolves duration reduced from 55 to 50 seconds
  • Morph cooldown rescaled from 160/100/40 to 140/100/60
  • Morph scepter bonus cast range reduced from 600 to 300
  • Morph scepter now also reduces Morph cooldown by 20 seconds
Nature’s Prophet
  • Greater Treants Base Attack Time increased from 1.0 to 1.4
Nyx Assassin
  • Vendetta no longer applies Break
  • Vendetta cooldown increased from 90/70/50 to 90/75/60
Outworld Destroyer
  • Movement Speed reduced from 325 to 320
  • Base armor reduced by 1
  • Arcane Orb cooldown increased from 4/3/2/0 to 6/4/2/0
  • Astral Imprisonment manacost increased from 120 to 150
  • Base damage range reduced from 46-57 to 46-54
  • Waning Rift damage reduced from 70/140/210/280 to 70/130/190/250
  • Dream Coil scepter stun duration reduced from 2/3.25/4.5 to 2/3/4
  • Tricks of the Trade scepter no longer increases duration
  • Level 25 Talent reduced from -6s Tricks of the Trade Cooldown to -4s
Shadow Shaman
  • Shackles Shard cast range reduced from 150 to 125
Void Spirit
  • Base damage reduced by 2
Wraith King
  • Wraithfire Blast cooldown increased from 14/12/10/8 to 17/14/11/8
  • Vampiric Spirit skeletons base damage reduced by 3

So there you have it, all the nerfs from the latest Dota 2 update. While some of these nerfs are small, others can have a big impact on the metagame as we head into the final weeks of the DPC season.

Header image via Valve.

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