ESEA South Africa Season 43 Main Division results

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ESEA South Africa Season 43 Main Division results

We’ve been on a bit of a holiday break the past couple of weeks, but esports continued in South Africa. In December last year, the ESEA South African Season 43 Main Division finished up, so if you haven’t been around to watch the local CS:GO esports action, we’ve got you covered with the results.

ESEA ZA S43 Main Division results

The ex-blacklaminate squad, now called “Shaun’s Pawns,” ended on top of the ESEA South Africa Season 42 Main Division with an impressive 9-0.

The team then continued its dominating performance during the playoffs. Shaun’s Pawns won their first match of the playoffs against Vdrxp Gaming by forfeit and then reverse-sweep Goliath Gaming 2-1. From here, they beat Bravado Gaming with a convincing 2-0 to make it to the grand finals.

In the lower bracket, Goliath Gaming won against DNMK Esports due to a forfeit and beat VYBN 2-0, then reverse-sweep Bravado Gaming 2-1 to make it to the grand finals. In the grand finals, with a one-map advantage going to Shaun’s Pawns due to their upper bracket path, the team wasted no time dispatching Goliath Gaming.

Shaun’s Pawns won the ESEA South Africa Season 43 Main Division grand finals with a 16-12 on Dust II, followed by a 16-10 on Mirage, claiming the first-place prize of $3,000. At the current Dollar to Rand exchange rate, that’s roughly R51,000.

Top 4 standings:
  • 1st place – Shaun’s Pawns wins $3,000
  • 2nd place – Goliath Gaming wins $1,900
  • 3rd place – Bravado Gaming wins $1,000
  • 4th place – VYBN wins $750

Congratulations go out to Shaun’s Pawns for winning ESEA South Africa Season 43 Main Division. We are excited to see Season 44 start, as the local competition is better than ever. Another exciting bit of news for Season 44 is that for the first time ever, a female CS:GO squad (ATK FE) will be in the South African Main Division, competing against the best in the country.

Header image via Valve.

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