Battle Royale

ATK Fortnite Frenzy

R8,000 up for grabs, with all the action live thanks to the Fortnite Spectator Tool.

PUBG Squads

R2,000 cash on the line in PUBG squads competition.

Elite Pro Series

R1,000 cash up for grabs in Fortnite solo cup this weekend.

ATK Arena

ATK Arena hosting an online (or venue-based if you prefer) Fortnite tournament.

Elite Pro Series

Calculate the XP required to level up your Fortnite Battle Pass. Then go out and earn it of course.

PUBG Mobile

Tencent gets heavy handed with cheaters.

ATK Arena

R14,100 in prizes up for grabs in Fortnite trios series.

PUBG Mobile warm-up cup

More local PUBG Mobile action with cash up for grabs.

South African PUBG Mobile teams can compete for a spot in Turkey finals.


R5,000 cash up for grabs across multiple titles this weekend.

Mythic Royale

R8,000 up for grabs in this September Fortnite competition for Trios.

Local esports results from this past weekend.