South African team in Apex Legends Global Series top 10

Wessel Minnie

Jun 4, 2020 8:10 am

Due to the current COVID-19 global pandemic, Electronic Arts had to postpone the live events for the Apex Legends Global Series. Since then, teams have been competing in regional, online tournaments, with the 6th online tournament series recently finishing up.


The rankings for the Apex Legends Global Series have now been updated, and a South African team from ATK Arena, has managed to make their way into the top 10 global rankings.

ATK Arena’s Apex Legends team

ATK Arena’s Apex Legends team has competed in six online tournaments for the Middle East & Africa region. The team has done exceptionally well, sitting in first place in the region.


While teams earn some prize money if they place high enough in each online tournament, they also earn points. The Apex Legends team now sits at 8010 ALGS points. Their exceptional performance has also landed them a spot in the global top 10.


For those who haven’t been following the team, it consists of the following great local players:


Currently, the ATK Arena Apex Legends team sits in 9th place on the global leaderboard for the ALGS.




There’s still a lot of ALGS action to look forward to, including four more online tournaments, called the Summer Circuit. Hopefully, we will see the ATK Arena Apex Legends team crush it, and keep their spot in the global top 10.


It is always amazing to see South African players not only compete on the international stage, but do very well. Therefore, it goes without saying that we are all proud of what these three players have managed to accomplish.


Don’t forget to follow ATK Arena for updates on the team, as well as the team’s channels.


Header image via EA.