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HAzE recounts why ECL S3 was so special.

Catch the ECL CS:GO conclusion this weekend.

Everything you need to know about the ECL Season 3.

A look at Energy’s run at the StarLadder Asia Minor.

axtremes chats to JT about ATK and CS:GO

An interview with eN’s MisteM as they prepare to battle in Berlin.

axtremes interviews adM about CS:GO and WESG

Profeci wraps-up the Rush WESG CS:GO results.

R50,000 up for grabs in 2019’s ECL for CS:GO.

Sonic chats about his move to Team Envy.

Aran ‘Sonic’ Groesbeek has joined Team Envy.

HAzE unpacks the qualifiers.

Good Gaming Esports Organization

We speak to CS:GO underdogs, Good Gaming.

An axtremes interview with Barry “Anthrax” Louzada

Out of nowhere, ATK sign the best South African CS:GO roster.

When BvD became Denial to become ATK.

How well did the South African CS:GO players perform at WESG?

How to handle players with a previously VAC banned account?

HAzE reviews all the recent CS:GO changes that have rocked the local scene.

Familiar names take the title(s).

Is there still a future for Project Destiny?

Registrations for CS:GO closing 11 January.

HAzE catalogs Energy eSports’ CS:GO journey at PLG and DreamHack.

BvD continue to perform on an international stage.

The South Africans face off in India.

A deeper look at the recent WESG CS:GO SA qualifiers.

Energy Esports is heading to India.

HAzE previews Bravado Gaming at DreamHack 2018.

BvD take on the world this weekend.

Fnatic and G2 Esports await the South Africans.

Bravado Gaming continue their upward momentum.

An interview about overcoming Bravado Finesse.

Ekasi eSports and Goliath Gaming to face off this weekend.

Profeci looks back at the Valkyrie Season 2 CS:GO results.

axtremes with everything you need to know about the CS:GO at Comic Con Africa.

Bravado Gaming drop out of the Epicenter Closed Qualifier in the second round.

Bravado Gaming fall to Vision Gaming & Blackout.

South African MGO Bravado Gaming invited to IEM Chicago Closed Qualifier.

Profeci wraps-up Leg 4 of the VS Gaming CS:GO Masters.

eN win back-to-back ESEA South Africa titles.

Who will win the ESEA Season 28 Grand Final? Big 5 or Energy?

The Mettlestate ASUS Valkyrie CS:GO League is back!

axtremes previews the rest of ESEA South Africa season 28.

BVD CS:GO in the Grand Final of the ESEA Mountain Dew League Season 28.

The sequel to the successful ROG Valkyrie League has just been announced.

The 24 confirmed teams for the FACEIT London CS:GO Major.

NewsFour overlooked storylines at ESL One Cologne 2018Michael 'axtremes' Harmse ESL One Cologne 2018 was a tournament that was full of surprises throughout. The group stages, held in the ESL studios, delivered plenty of drama and surprises. By the time we got to the LANXESS Arena, the legendary Cathedral of Counter-Strike, the complexion of the...

Souzern Lions announces new FACEIT Matchmaking Hub.

ECL kicks off tonight with R50K up for grabs.

Putting Mettlestate and Lenovo’s ECL back in the spotlight.

Trinoc chats to Barry “Anthrax” Louzada about Rush 2018 and CS:GO.

Profeci wraps-up the first big CS:GO LAN of the year.

Energy eSports wins the Mettlestate’s Vodacom 4U CS:GO Cup at Rush.

A look at the upcoming Vodacom 4U CS:GO tournament at Rush.

PenguinZA wraps up the VS Gaming Masters CS:GO Leg 3.

Celebrating the victors of the Mettlestate Valkyrie CS:GO League 2018.

R5,000 a month up for grabs.

ESL One Belo Horizonte broken down by axtremes.

The newest patch for CS:GO went live on 12 June.

A wrap of the FACEIT fifth season ECS league.

R50,000 per season up for grabs.

The Mettlestate CS:GO show match is this weekend.

A look at Bravado’s journey so far.

BvD Finesse win season one and R25,000.

Four teams with R50,000 up for grabs.

Leg 3 of the VS Gaming’s Masters CS:GO league is about to kick off. Here’s our preview.

Previewing ESEA CS:GO Open South Africa Season 28.

Souzern Lions and FACEIT announcement aims to shake up local CS:GO.

The curtain raiser to ECL season one.

Sinister5 have announced a revamped CS:GO lineup.

A follow up interview with the new eN CS:GO academy team

Aperture Gaming have announced two changes in the their CS:GO division.

Takbok, Zeo, and ShazZ join Leetpro Esports.

Skeletons Again join Energy Esports.

I recently said of Gareth “MisteM” Ries that he’s “a star of the future, now.” Ah, the good old axtremes kiss of death.

After the highly successful one-off Valkyrie Challenge showmatch at the Evetech Studios last year, we saw the ultimate evolution and expansion of the concept in 2018.

ESEA rule changes and their affect on Bravado Gaming.

MisteM in and takbok benched for Energy eSports CS:GO team.

VS Gaming’s premier CS:GO league, Masters, just started its second leg for the year last week. No teams were promoted or relegated after the first leg as the new rules will be coming into effect from the end of Leg Two.

CS:GO highlights from the 1337 LAN, which took place in Emnotweni, Nelspruit between the 23rd and 25th of March 2018. The event was a BYOC LAN with competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 elements. Teams like LeetPro and Sinister5 attended the event.

It’s that time again! It feels like just the other day I was writing about the Final of Season 26 for Zombiegamer. In the playoffs of Season 26 we saw reigning African champions Energy eSports lose to Big 5 Esports.

Project Destiny. A great name for a Scandinavian progressive metal band or the codename for Sargon’s latest attempt to get a Tinder date.

Nobody likes a cheater. That’s the understatement of the century. When one encounters a player using hacks to cheat inside of Valve’s matchmaking, it can be a massively frustrating undertaking. It’s awful to feel powerless.




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